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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know


Can I book multiple dogs at once?

Multiple pet households can always be booked for the same appointment.

Are vaccines required for an appointment?

An up to date rabies vaccine is mandatory.

How often does my dog need to be groomed?

It is recommended to not go longer than 8 weeks between appointments for all Haircut clients to maintain the best skin and coat condition. Waiting longer than 8 weeks may incur extra fees due to overgrowth or if matting occurs. Bath and De-shed clients may opt for 12 weeks or less.

I'm a new dog owner. Can you help show me how to maintain my pets coat?

ABSOLUTELY!! Owner involvement is an essential part of your pets' grooming experience. Ask about our new owner and puppy packages!

Do you work with all sizes of dogs?

I currently do not offer haircut services for pets over 100lbs

Do you groom cats?

As much as I love cats, unfortunately I do not groom them.

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