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From BB's Mobile Grooming

Quality, Luxury and Convenience meet you at your doorstep. While offering specialized care, I bring you total peace of mind. You can relax from home while your pet receives their routine beauty treatment. BB's Mobile Grooming is a fully equipped luxury salon on wheels. Check to see if your area is currently being serviced!

Candace Jude and Buster Bean

My Services

What I Can Do for You


Bathing and Deshedding

Only The Best For Your Pet

Where's the lint roller?! This is the option for pets that do not require haircuts. My Bath and De-Shedding service deep cleans your pet while using the best shampoos and conditioner to help remove excess undercoat and fur. With routine appointments, this can help keep shedding and unwanted pet odor under control. This is one of my most popular services and fills up fast.

Full Grooming

Putting Your Pet First

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, each of my services can be curated to fit their specific needs — no matter how unique. My Full Grooming service is in high demand for dogs who require haircuts in a peaceful 1 on 1 environment. Shampoo and conditioner is tailored to your dogs specific coat. Hypoallergenic or Medicated shampoo* is also available.


Nail Trimming and Filing

Responsible & Reliable

Just need a nail trim? This service is included in any grooming appointment but can be booked exclusively*. I offer this for all sizes and breeds and includes filing to achieve smooth results. Reserve my time and relax knowing your pet is in the best possible hands.

Owner Reviews

"I can't say enough good things about my (and my dog's!) experience with Candace/ BB's Mobile Grooming. My dog is generally nervous with the grooming; this was his first appointment with BB's Mobile Grooming and over the course of the appointment, not only did he start to relax but he was showing trust in Candace and they were starting to bond! Candace's years experience show in her gentle but confident approach, the time she took with me on the front end to make us all comfortable, her ability to adapt to my dogs personality and anxiety and her grooming techniques. My dog looks great, is happy and I will be a repeat customer. Thank you!"



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